Slovakia: Introducing Falun Gong and Exposing the CCP's Persecution in Bratislava

Falun Gong practitioners in Slovakia set up banners in the historic old section of Bratislava on the afternoon of June 10, 2017. While several practitioners demonstrated the exercises, others distributed flyers and talked to passers-by about Falun Gong. They also exposed the CCP's persecution. People from all walks of life, including teachers, doctors, scholars and government employees paused to learn about Falun Gong.

One woman was drawn by the exercise demonstration and paused to learn more. When she learned about the CCP's persecution, she immediately signed the petition calling for a stop to the brutalities in China.

A man from Spain was interested in practicing Falun Gong. He said that he had practiced another qigong and Taiji for 15 years. He asked whether he could learn Falun Gong. He tried the second exercise and said he liked it.

A professor who teaches in a New Zealand university said that she knew about the persecution in China, but she did not understand why the Chinese regime persecutes Falun Gong. She'd asked her Chinese students but they could not explain. After a practitioner told her more, she finally understood that the main reason for the persecution is that Falun Gong's principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance cannot be tolerated by the CCP.

A man beside her also explained that the CCP is a regime that is always trying to persecute people. The professor is very interested in Chinese culture and is interested in learning Falun Gong.

A group of Chinese tourists stopped to watch the exercise demonstration and talk to the practitioners. The practitioners introduced Falun Gong to them and exposed the true nature of the CCP. Over ten people in the group agreed to quit their membership in the CCP and its affiliated organizations.

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