Introducing Falun Dafa and clarifying the truth in Bosnia and Herzegovina

We two practitioners from Austria came to Sarajevo to hold a press conference to clarify the truth to the media in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The interest was quite good. Journalists from all the important daily newspapers and two press agencies came and they asked a lot of questions. I originally come from Sarajevo, so we held the conference in the Bosnian language. The journalists were also very interested in the materials and videos, we had prepared for them.

The next day, despite the heavy rain, we decided to go to the city centre and hand out flyers to the public. Some people were very interested and asked where they could learn the exercises. We handed out all the flyers we had in a short time, so we went to the copy shop to make more copies. There were some kids playing around. As we started to fold the flyers there, the girl who worked there and the kids came to help us fold the flyers.
We also went to the Austrian embassy, the ambassador wasn’t there but the assistant who opened the door was glad that we came, because he had heard something about Falun Dafa before and wanted to know more about it and was happy to get more information. He also promised to give the information materials to the ambassador.

On the way back to Austria, we had to wait more than two hours on the border to Croatia, but we used that time to distribute flyers to the people who were waiting in their cars. This way we were able to hand out almost two hundred flyers.


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