Truth Clarifying Activities During Chinese Community Celebrations in Manchester,UK

On September 29th, Manchester CSSA (Chinese Students and Scholars Association) held some activities to celebrate Chinese National Day and the mid-autumn festival in a lecture theatre in UMIST (University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology). CSSA had tried to prevent any activities by Falun Gong practitioners by booking the remaining space in the building. However another group cancelled their booking at short notice which meant that Manchester practitioners were able to book the area directly, which meant that we could reveal the truth to the Chinese people in Manchester!

Outside the theatre we exhibited posters detailling the persecution of practitioners in China. A few European practitioners handed out truth clarifying materials and answered some questions. A Chinese language video about the persecution made by Fang Guang Ming TV group was played continuously and this was the first thing that was seen upon entering the room.

The Chinese Consul attended the meeting but entered through a back entrance to avoid the exhibition and practitioners. This is very characteristic of the persecution. When confronted with details of their evil deeds, the police in China and other government officials worldwide are afraid and become irrational or too scared to respond so of course they try to avoid this kind of situation.

While the attendees were in the lecture theatre, practitioners handed out materials to the people who arrived late.

Overall the response was very good with the majority taking materials and looking at the exhibition. Some attendees were heard saying that they liked to listen to what Falun Gong practitioners had to say.

UK Practitioners

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