Germany: Practitioners Gather at New Year to Hold an Experience Sharing Conference in Erbach

Every New Year, German and Austrian practitioners gather at Erbach, a small town in the South of Germany, to study the Fa [the principles and teachings of Falun Dafa], practise the exercises and share experiences. Some of the practitioners came from far away, and even those who had to worked during the day would come in the evening.

On December the 30th, eight practitioners shared their experiences at the conference. A practitioner who started to practise Falun Dafa a year ago shared three things with fellow practitioners: how she obtained the Fa, the change in her after going from individual cultivation to Fa-rectification cultivation and finally how she does the three things that are important for practitioners. Two other practitioners also talked about changes in their understanding of the Fa and about how their understanding have been improved from their attempts to sue Jiang Zemin in Germany. Other practitioners mentioned that forgiveness and consideration among fellow practitioners are the foundation of doing Dafa work well.

On the night of 31st, a spectacular arts performance was held by the practitioners. As the Fa-rectification progresses, various forms of truth clarification have developed. Practitioners with artistic talents can validate the Fa in their own unique way. From this annual evening show, the practitioners discovered that some of them are very talented. All of the programmes are scripted and directed by practitioners themselves. The first item was a demonstration of the Falun Gong exercises by nine children aged between four and eight. One German practitioner performed a silent drama. The story was about a German citizen who obtained the Fa and changed significantly afterwards. At the end of the drama, the audience applauded enthusiastically when this man stood at Tiananmen Square with his banner displaying “Falun Dafa is Good!”

More than ten practitioners, both western and chinese, sang the song “Come for You” together. German practitioners sang the lyrics in Chinese after learning the Chinese pronunciation. The last item on the programme was to read out Master Li’s most recent article, “Master’s New Year’s Day 2004 Greetings to Dafa Disciples”.

In addition to the Fa conference and evening show, a few kindergarten instructors and parents of little practitioners organised a Minghui School. More than ten children gathered to study the Fa, practise the exercises, paint and play together. Before the school was organised, most parents could not concentrate on the Fa conference because they had to look after their children. We now always organise a Minghui School, not only because the parents are able to concentrate on studying the Fa, but also because the children are then more able to study. These kids are all here to assimilate to the Fa. We should treat them as fellow practitioners. This was also one of the main reasons that practitioners organised the school.

Time flew by quickly. A few practitioners were greatly inspired by the speeches given at the conference. Some practitioners said they discovered deeply hidden attachments. Everyone had gained something from the meeting. All of the practitioners have moved further along their cultivation paths.

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