Austria: In Mourning for Fellow Practitioner Liu Chengjun

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Dafa practitioners in Austria gathered at the Chinese Embassy on January 6th to mourn the death of fellow practitioner Liu Chengjun. They appealed for the arrest and severe punishment of his murderers.

After activities were held last year to call for the rescue of Liu Chengjun and many other imprisoned Dafa practitioners in Jilin Province who were on hunger strike in the jail, people in Austria continued to ask if we had any updated information about Liu Chengjun. It was shocking to know after the New Year that Liu Chengjun had been persecuted to death. The brutal killing of Liu Chengjun indicates the vicious and callous nature of the persecution in China and shows that the evildoers are scared that their crimes will be exposed.

The genocide committed by Jiang’s regime against Dafa practitioners is characterised by lies and the instigation of hatred against Dafa. In March 2002, Liu Chengjun and other Dafa practitioners in Changchun city successfully interrupted cable TV signals to show a video revealing the truth about the persecution of Falun Gong. His brave actions powerfully exposed the truth, shocked the evildoers and blazed the path for a new form of truth clarification in China via television.

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