Jilin Province Falun Dafa Practitioner Beaten to Disability and Poisoned by Police

Shulan City Dafa Practitioner Xie Guichen lost the use of one leg due to police brutality; he was also poisoned

According to an internal source from Shulan Police Department, practitioner Xie Guichen was recently sentenced to eight years in prison. Changchun City's Tiebei Prison refused to accept him since one of his legs was disabled due to police brutality. He has been detained at Shulan City Detention Centre for more than five months. Mr. Xie started a hunger strike during his detention to protest the illegal incarceration. To punish him, the police force-fed him with highly concentrated saline solution. The police also knocked out two of his front teeth during the savage force-feeding. The prison doctor furthermore force-fed him poisonous drugs. When the drugs took effect the pain and itch on his chest was so unbearable that he scratched it severely until it was bleeding. Before the prison doctor did the force-feeding, detention centre Director Zhao ordered the doctor to give him an injection of poison. The doctor cautioned that such injection might be too dangerous, so they decided to force-feed Xie Guichen with poisonous drugs instead.

Police from Baiqi Township Police Station and Shulan City Police Department had kidnapped Mr. Xie Guichen at a Dafa truth-clarification material distribution site on July 4, 2003, after which the police severely tortured him to elicit a confession. Shulan City police also robbed him of 12,000 Yuan in cash on the same day that they kidnapped him.

The following are phone numbers and addresses of some offices and officials.

Country code is 86; Jilin City area code is 432 (do not dial area code before a mobile phone number)

Jilin City Political and Judiciary Committee
Address: No. 86 Beijing Road, Jilin City, 132084

Phone List:

2010465, 2026154 (General Office); 2010458 (Secretary Office); 2010451(Political and Judiciary Section); 2010459 (Law Enforcement Supervision Office); 2010456 (Appeals Office); 2010476 (General Investigation Department); 2010439, 2010457 (General Administration Department); 2010355, 2010451(Management and Personnel Department); 2010256 (Discipline Inspection Team); 2010583 (General Party Secretary); 2010360 (Drivers' waiting room)

The People's Appeals Office of Jilin City, Jilin Province
Address: No. 65 Songjiang Road, Jilin City, 132002

Phone List:

2026220, 2026221 (Head Office); 2027074, 2027075 (Visitor's Office); 2023994 (Letter Processing Department); 2025619 (General Investigation Department); 2049647 (Secretary's Office); 2022119 (Party Secretary's Office)

Jilin City People's Government:
Address: No.65 Songjiang Road, Jilin City, 132002

Public Phone Number for the Governor of Jilin Province: 431-118 (no area code needed)

Public Phone Number of Jilin City mayor: 432-12345 (no area code needed)

Gang Zhanbiao, the mayor: 2010695 (Office); 13843200066 (Mobile)
Jiang Shujun, deputy mayor, 2083676(work), 2089123(home) 13904401913 (cell)
Liu Ping, deputy mayor, 2053499(work); 4838666(home); 13904425218(cell)
Cai Yuhe, deputy mayor, 2057123(work); 4853678(home); 13704318288(cell)
Xiao Wanmin, deputy mayor, 2022374(work); 2012128(home); 13904403505(cell)
Qin Fuyi, deputy mayor, 2022769(work); 2160114(home); 13904402788(cell)
Yu Guohua, deputy mayor, 2052555(work); 2044999(home); 13704442999(cell)
Fan Zhongli, mayor's assistant, 4798096(work); 2083958(home); 13804408368(cell)
Cui Shengli, Secretary General, 2057055(work); 2029327(home); 13804411808(cell)
Zheng Wenbin, mayor's assistant, 2053155(work); 4872755(home); 13604468666(cell)
Chen Fuchun, head of Jilin City "610 Office"; deputy Party Secretary of the Political and Judiciary Committee of Jilin City, 2010609; 2010610; 13079789909 (cell)

More numbers:

2048114 (Switchboard); 2023407 (On-duty Office); 2026644(mayor's office); 2025315 (Party Secretary's Office); 2048668, 2048993, 2048662 (General Department); 2048660 (Document Office); 2048639 (Information Department); 2048665 (Proposal Department); 2048992 (Supervision Department); 2048615 (Investigation Office); 2048642 (Automation Department); 2048501 (Administration Department); 2048638 (Housing Department); 2048703 (Finance Department); 2024976 (Security Department); 2048658 (Retired Cadres Department); 2048628 (Human Resources); 2048610 (Party Committee); 2453426 (Drafting Office); 2448816, 2449989 (VIP Welcome Motorcade)

Jilin City National Security Bureau
Zip code: 132000
Phone: 2503114

Country code is 86; Shulan City Area Code: 432

Shulan City Party Committee
Address: No. 104 Shulan Street, Shulan City, 132600

Phone List:

8222074 (Head Office); 8222812 (Standing Party Committee); 8223485 (Secretary's Section); 8223329 (General Section); 8224905 (Supervision Office); 8210323 (Research Office); 8224066 (No.1 Office); 8223845(Administration Office); 8224756 (Front desk)

Shulan City's Political and Judiciary Committee: 8210186

Shulan City's Appeals Office: 8223933 (Director Office); 8223793 (Human Resources)

Shulan City's Discipline Inspection Committee:

8230310, 8219336, 8223546 (Party Secretary Committee); 8224086 (Inspection Office); 8223849 (General Office); 8215780 (Law Supervise Office); 8211770 (Appeal Office)

Shulan City's People's Congress Committee

8223532 (General Secretary's Office); 8223554 (Secretary's Section); 8225809 (Representative Office); 8225341 (Education and Science Office); 8225752 (Economics Office); 8224737(Law Enforcement Office)

Shulan City People's Government:
Address: No. 101-8, Shulan Street, Shulan City, 132600

Phone List:

8212345 (mayor's public phone number); 8222351 (Secretary's Section); 8223827 (No.1 General Section); 8222650 (No.2 General Section); 8225729 (Foreign Affairs Section); 8226653 (Law Enforcement Section); 8225462 (Inspection and Supervision Office); 8223708 (City District Section); 8223779 (Administration Section)

Shulan City Police Department:
Address: No.29, Shulan Street, Shulan City, 132600

Phone list:

8224808 (Bureau Head Office); 8224793, 8218390, 8230606, 8235626 (Deputy office); 8222209 (Politics Department); 8223551(Secretary's Section); 8239078(Supervision Office); 8234788 (Investigation Brigade); 8222562(Public Security Section); 8225072 (Household Registrar's Section); 8234799 (Law Enforcement Section); 8225509 (National Security Brigade); 8222261 (Equipment Section); 8227300 (Patrol Brigade); 8236256 (Citizens' ID Office); 8251265 (Detention Center); 8251226 (Detention Center); 8223591 (Fire Brigade)

Criminal Police Brigade:

8237561 (Head Office); 8232345 (Instructor's Office); 8223561(Dispatcher's Office)

Huancheng Police Station: 8223069 (Chief's Office); 8225074 (On-duty Office)

Beicheng Police Station: 8223932 (Chief's Office); 8225923 (On-duty Office)

Nancheng Police Station: 8223087 (Chief's Office); 8224545 (On-duty Office)

Shulan City Judicial Bureau
Address: No.101 Shulan Street, Shulan City, 132600

Phone List:

8210008 (Bureau Head Office); 8225703 (General Office); 8223538 (Notary Office); 12348 (Legal Aid Center)

148 Legal Service Hotline: 8210148

Caihua Law Firm: 8224749

People's Court of Shulan City:
Address: No.21 Shulan Street, Shulan City, 132600

Phone List:

8239961 8225205 8237621 8237623 8237620 (Executive Office); 8222574 (General Office); 8227744 (Shulan Court Room); 8225796 (Forestry Court Room); 8237692 (Bailiff Brigade);

Prosecutors' Office of Shulan City:
Address: No.103 Shulan Street, Shulan City, 132600

Phone List:

8225577 8222718 (Switchboard); 8224271; 8223173 (Executive Office); 8212000 (Report Center)

Relevant Phone Numbers in Shulan City:

Zhang Zhimin, mayor of Shulan City, 8222991(work); 13904440500(cell); 8234855 (home)
Zhang Yuqi, Party Secretary of Shulan City, 8234580(work); 13804427255(cell)
Xin He, deputy head of the city's police department (extremely evil person), 8218390(work);13904440778 (cell) 8227199 (home)
Li Pu, head of the city's "610 Office;" (extremely evil person), 8223745(work), 13500900001(cell), 7238899(home)

Shulan Police Department:

Li Shaobo, Bureau head, 8224808(work); 8231063(home); 13804441999(cell)
Li Wenxin, Party head, 8224739(work); 8228100(home); 13904445186(cell)
Zhang Guoxin, deputy, 8230606(work); 8219988(home); 13904445400(cell)
Han Shuyun, 8235626(work); 8225937(home); 13904445363(cell)
Zhang Yulin, 8218360(work); 8224592(home); 13904445501(cell)
Zhu Zhaocheng, 8225280(work); 8228999(home); 13904440999(cell)

List of Persecutors (usually, the 1st number is work phone, the 2nd is home phone and the last one is cell phone)

Li Zhuo, 8221698; 13596233300 (extremely vicious)

Sun Binghui, Shulan City Criminal Police Brigade, 8218866; 8237561; 13904440000

Li Hongde, head of the Patrol Brigade, 8218251; 8225245; 13804445245

Lu Yajiang, instructor, 8232345; 8218850; 13804440555

Deputy Party Secretaries of Shulan City Party Committee:

Wang Zhijun, 8214711; 8214722; 13804445090

Li Changshan, 8235039; 8219106; 13500900001

Wu Hongtao, 8222874; 7766588

Song Jie, 8230310; 8223023; 13596339000

Yang Cengxu, 8232333; 8235437; 13804445415

Wang Shudong, 8222032; 8211566; 13500900007

City Political Consultation Committee:

Liu Qitian, chairman, 8239319; 8225550; 13804440019

Yu Zhifu, vice-chairman, 8221827; 8223523; 13089488955

Liu Zheyun, vice-chairman, 8222806; 8230721; 13904440281

Zhang Dianyi, vice-chairman, 8255602; 8228106; 13704440086

Deputy secretaries of Shulan City Discipline Inspection Committee:

Liu Menggui, 8219336; 8221668; 13904440340

Wang Chunhua, 8223546; 8229095; 13843265466

Ge Jianfei, 8218207; 8232316; 13944661966

City Standing Committee:

Wu Junjian, head, 8222411; 8223133 13704340678

Liu Wenjie, 8218110; 8219998; 13079710200

He Jianguo, 8223849; 8221028; 13943259955

Qiao Guichen, 8224086; 8231066; 13844693099

Zhang Bo, 8211770; 8218889; 13844694477

Fan Junxian, Standing Committee member, 8223905; 8222581; 13904440013

Sun Jingchang, 8212900; 8239228; 13904445252

Fan Yajie, 8230203; 8235555; 13596338999

Li Yongqiang, 8238850; 2440389; 13196066460

Shulan City People's Congress:

Cheng Zhaochang, director, 8233995; 8225229; 13904440003

Li Xuesheng, deputy director, 8232896; 8225460; 13704340100

Xiang Junzhi, 8225162; 8229533; 13804445785

Song Qizong, 8218309; 8224958; 13804440018

People's Court of Shulan City:

Yin Qinghua, head, 8239961; 8222458; 13904445631

Gong Xingyuan, deputy head, 8237620; 8222668; 13804445899

Hao Zhiguo, 8237621; 8236338; 13079710609

Judicial Bureau:

Teng Fengjin, head, 8210008; 8235698; 13944296667

Bian Qizhen, deputy head, 8225703; 8222726; 13943253801

Chen Yanjiang, 8225703; 8218886; 13804440288

Deputy mayors:

Li Chengfa, 8234990; 8239309; 13904440766

Yue Jingbiao, 8224070; 8229788; 13944661000

Gao Yongxue, 8223156; 8229338; 13331720001

Wu Yamin, 8223138; 8220939; 13904445438

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