Kindhearted Russian Members of Parliament

Falun Dafa practitioner Zhang Cuiying

Today is Friday. I had originally intended to meet some Members of Parliament in the morning but was unable to get any appointments. It was already over four in the afternoon by the time a press conference we held was over. And I was going to leave St Petersburg very soon. In 2 hours time, office hours will be over, what should I do? Suddenly, one practitioner had an idea: Come, let’s go directly. Thus we rushed to the parliament building. With a name list in hand, we began to call on all the members of parliament, one by one. On entering the office, the secretary politely said: “Sorry. To see a member of the parliament, you need to make an appointment one month ahead. A practitioner said to her: We have come specially today to express our gratitude. An artist from Australia has rushed here just to say thank you in person. While speaking to her, he showed her a portfolio of my drawings. On seeing my work, she immediately rang the Member of Parliament. The Member received us warmheartedly. Thus, we managed to meet with six Members of Parliament within two hours. I told them the truth of the persecution I endured in China as well as how practitioners over there were brutally tortured. All of them were sympathetic and understanding when they heard our story and felt that the crackdown by the Chinese government was unreasonable and unnecessary.

On entering the parliament building, I saw some SOS newsletters placed at the entrance. Russian practitioners regularly put information on Falun Gong in areas where Members of the Parliament pass by. In this way, they would be able to read about the truth. Remarkable! The Russian practitioners have really done well!

Stepping out of the parliament building, I can’t help thinking about China’s Zhongnanhai. Russian citizens can freely enter their parliament building and government offices. They can meet with Members of Parliament and government officials to appeal against any unjust treatment. But standing in front of the doors of Zhongnanhai in China are policemen armed with guns, on guard 24 hours a day. Citizens are strictly forbidden from making appeals or to seek redress for their grievances. As a foreign citizen, I was unreasonably detained for eight months by the Jiang regime just because I said Falun Dafa is good! What a great contrast!

For the sake of China’s future prosperity, Chinese citizens should have basic human rights. We should continue our efforts against terrorism and violence. People need Truth, Compassion and Forbearance!

Translated on 11/6/2001 from

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