Russian Dafa practitioners Attend Meeting with President Putin

Russian Dafa practitioner

In Moscow, the capital of Russia, a convention of the citizens’ representatives was held.

It was a meeting between the Russian government and representatives of the independent, non-business, social organisations. The agenda included a meeting with the Russian president as well as the representatives of the government and the MPs. The Russian Falun Dafa Association, being a non-business organisation, also participated in the convention.

During the meeting, Falun Dafa practitioners successfully handed the letter addressed to the President and the truth clarification materials about the illegal persecution of Falun Gong in China to the President through an official. In the meeting with the participants, the President said he will answer all the problems raised in the letters received.

During the convention, Dafa practitioners handed out many “ SOS ” newspapers and other Falun Gong truth clarification printed materials. As most of the participants are people dealing with human rights problems, hence they expressed strong interest in the materials.

At this moment, whenever there is a problem of human rights, civic, racial or religious harmony then, civic values, morality and spiritual cultivation problems become a focus. Thus this is an important moment to tell people about Falun, to enable people to know the truth and stand together with righteousness.


Translated on December 7, 2001

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