France: Revealing the Truth to Chinese Tourists under the Eiffel Tower

By Dafa practitioners in France

During Chinese vice- President Hu Jintao’s visit to Paris in November, French International Radio reported the Falun Gong activities under the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Many tourists were visiting the site on the day and the weather was pleasant. The banner “Falun Dafa” attracts many tourists. What is particularly interesting was that among the tourists were many Chinese people who were dressed formally. We thought it was a great chance to reveal the truth to Chinese people. We chatted to people and told them about Falun Gong and the truth of the persecution. People were listening carefully and asking many questions. Below is a selection of the questions and answers.

Q (Chinese tourists): Falun Gong is already banned in China. Don’t you think your activities here damage our national image?

A (Falun Gong practitioners): On the contrary, because the true news on Falun Gong has been sealed tightly in China, we are here to clarify the truth to people in the world, the educated Chinese and the Chinese leaders. We are helping the nation and the people.

Jiang Zemin claims that within the Party there are high ranking people who control Falun Gong. But he has been using cruel and vicious methods to torture the Falun Gong practitioners for two years, finding nothing to prove to himself at all. He claims that Falun Gong is used by foreign political powers and he even gave a fabricated video tape to President Clinton himself. He came to France and told people that Falun Gong is [slanderous term used by the Jiang Zemin regime]. The truth is that Jiang Zemin himself has been damaging the national image with his behaviour.

In France, a democratic country, what Jiang has done did not damage the glorious image of Falun Gong at all. On the contrary, more people heard about Falun Gong from his lies. The French anti-sect association publicly announced that Falun Gong cannot be regarded as a sect. For two years the French government has allowed us to practise and reveal the truth here under the Eiffel Tower. If someone has framed the Falun Gong practitioners deliberately, should we tell people about the framing or should we keep quiet? We ought to expose Jiang’s evil framing, and this is to truly save the nation and the people.

Jiang’s evil hand has also reached overseas. He has been creating rumours about Falun Gong among Chinese people abroad and has been affecting the Chinese lives abroad in a negative way. Here in France we have a senior Chinese lady who is over 80 years old. She had contributed significantly to the nation and at the tenth anniversary of China Prime Minister Zhuo Enlai invited her to the grand stand. Now only because she gained a healthy body from Falun Gong, she is labelled as anti-China. Hasn’t Jiang brought the persecution abroad?

Falun Gong emphasizes Truth-Compassion-Forbearance. Is there anything wrong about that? We have been practising Falun Dafa for over 6 years and have benefited greatly both mentally and physically. We never thought of committing suicides or killing people. However the rumours made up by the Chinese government have been very untrue. In fact some staff at the Chinese embassy even complained that Jiang’s policy has made Chinese foreign delegation very passive. It is very true. The totalitarian and authoritarian nature of Jiang’s regime made it impossible for embassy officials to communicate with Falun Gong practitioners. Even the tourist groups to oversea countries are not allowed to accept Falun Gong materials. In order to avoid Falun Gong in France, Jiang would rather take the side entrance to the French palace. Such a case is truly rare among the worldly leaders. All this is because he is not brave enough to face us!

Q: How do you explain the self-immolation at Tiananmen Square?

A: If anyone present here dressed in a Falun Gong T-shirt and set a fire at the Chinese embassy to damage Falun Gong, I can guarantee that he is not a Falun Gong practitioner. We try to be good people in society and commiting suicide is forbidden. Suicide is also a form of killing. In 1996 Teacher Li lectured in Sydney, Australia and told practitioners that suicides are sinful. The Chinese government fabricated rumours to damage us and Teacher Li. Isn’t this framing?

Secondly, if we play the video released by the Chinese government at a very low speed, we can easily see that Liu Chunling [the woman that died] was hit with a hard object by someone else. The attack was so violent that the object was deflected by Liu’s head after hitting it. This is the real murder. If you think again, in order to put out the fire you would need fire extinguishers. It only took the Chinese police two minutes to come back with fire extinguishers. Tiananmen Square is so large. Can this be possible without pre-arrangements? Therefore the self-immolation is directed by the Chinese government to damage Falun Gong. There are other doubtful parts in the video. You can watch the video at low speed and find out yourself. Do not be deceived!

Q: How do you explain the fact that you surrounded Zhongnanhai?
A: The Jiang’s regime used the word “surrounded” with a purpose. Before the incident, Falun Gong practitioners heard that at Tianjin there were over 40 fellow practitioners arrested by the police. The city leaders said they would not release the practitioners and other people could appeal to the central government if they wanted to. According to this the Falun Gong practitioners went to Beijing to appeal, following legal procedures. However we didn’t know that Luo Gan had arranged a frame-up. The police lead the Falun Gong practitioners into Zhongnanhai and then sealed other ways out. They called this “surrounding”. There were over 100 million Falun Gong practitioners in China and only ten thousand went to the Beijing government. The day happened to be a Sunday. If we had organized the event previously the number of Falun Gong practitioners at the central government would have definitely exceeded 10 thousand. Appealing is the basic right of citizens. If the police had not lead the way deliberately, the Falun Gong practitioners could never get close to the Chinese headquarters.

During our chats with the Chinese tourists, we noticed there were formally dressed Chinese people standing beside us listening. They were also looking at the pictures we display carefully. This is not what they could see in mainland China. Here they heard the righteous voice, the true voice! Even though they were not able to express their feelings physically, deep in their hearts they knew that the Jiang’s regime has been losing people’s support! We hope they could gain something from their visit and gain their new lives.

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