Wujiabaozi Labor Camp Officials Brutally Torture Dafa Practitioner Shi Jinling

Fushun City, Liaoning Province

Shi Jinling has been persisting in her righteous thoughts since she was unlawfully detained in the Wujiabaozi Labor Camp in October 2001. On November 10th, simply because she practiced the peaceful cultivation practice of Falun Dafa, the police tortured her by shocking her in the mouth with an electric baton, causing her tongue to fester and her lips to swell and turn black. On November 11th, she went on a hunger strike to protest her detention and torture. On the forth day of her hunger strike, she was put into solitary confinement -- handcuffed to an iron gate and forced to stand still for three days and three nights. Because she exposed the evil deeds of her torturers they poured cold water on her during the night. They poured cold water down her neck for two days completely soaking her. They also force-fed her. When she was force-fed the first time, Shi Jinling refused to cooperate with them, so her torturers forcibly pulled out one of her teeth. She was force-fed twice a day. After force-feeding her, they injected her with tranquilizers. During the daytime, they played high-volume disco music over loudspeakers to disorient her and not let her think clearly. Dafa practitioner Shi Jinling is still determined and unyielding.

Source: http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2001/12/9/16637.html

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