Anther Three Falun Dafa Practitioners Brutally Tortured and Illegally Sentenced in Xinjiang Region

Xinjiang Autonomous Region

On December 2000, Falun Gong practitioners Yu Jianmin, Tao Ge, and Li Yongzheng were unlawfully arrested by the Hutubi Town police in Xinjiang. Tao Ge, in an attempt to avoid being arrested, accidentally fell from the fourth floor of a building on the eve of December 8. Later, he was sent to a hospital for examination. The x-ray revealed that both of his legs were fractured. His left wrist and part of his spine was fractured, and his right wrist was badly sprained. His face has remained swollen. To make matters worse, the hospital gives its patients only a small portion of food that lack substantive nutritional value. And thus, this slowed down Tao's recovery. But, deceitful police officers in the detention center lied about Tao's condition and said that he was recovering because he gained weight. Despite Tao Ge's serious condition, the police deprived him of sleep for 9 days and 9 nights. As soon as he closed his eyelids, they would kick him so that his eyes always remained open. At present, Tao Ge has not fully recovered. In the beginning, Tao's family was not even allowed to visit him. His family requested bail be issued on bond or parole for medical treatment, both of which had been denied.

Li Yongzheng was asked to resign by representatives of his work unit while he was unlawfully detained in the detention center. His wife was pregnant, and there is no source of income for his family. His family's request to bail him out on bond was denied.

Yu Jianmin was tortured by being deprived of sleep and was not even allowed to close his eyes for 7 days. Police also instigated inmates to beat Yu and other Falun Gong practitioners.

The Hutubi Court held a trial on October 24, 2001. No public hearing was allowed, and only a few family members were notified. The procuratorate council announced the so-called "criminal evidence" of the three practitioners mentioned above they were charged with practicing Falun Gong exercises and distributing truth-clarifiying literature.

During the trial, Li Yongzheng brought up the issue that legislation ought to be administered by the People's Congress and its standing committee, and that other organizations and individuals have no right to dictate the law. The representative from the procuratorate council brought out a document (the publishing date was unknown) and claimed that these charges were based upon the law. Tao Ge then asked, "Are you really addressing the law? Then why was I so badly injured, and was still forced to keep my eyes open for 9 days and 9 nights, and was even kicked...." The judge and the court clerks immediately reacted by interrupting him. Throughout the trial, Dafa practitioners were not given a fair opportunity to speak out or testify on their own behalf. Whenever the practitioners attempted to speak, the judge or the court clerks would interrupt them.

The trial went on from the morning till 5:00 PM in the afternoon and was adjourned since it was not over. It was said that the court would give further notice for the trial to resume at a later date. Without the second trial (for sentencing) ever being held, the court decided to proceed with the sentence terms: Tao Ge and Li Yongzhen received 5 years, and Yu Jianmin received 7 years of imprisonment.

According to sources, the prison terms for sentencing Falun Gong practitioners are predetermined internally. The court procedure is just a formality and is unconstitutional. Attorneys have revealed that the judicial authorities have issued orders that, in principle, Falun Gong practitioners cannot have attorneys to defend them. And defense by attorney has to be approved by the judicial authorities, and attorneys have to report their contacts and conversation with Falun Gong practitioners at any time when asked to.

Telephone number of Hutubi Detention Center: 86-994-4502314 (main number) transferring to the detention center.


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