Three Falun Dafa Practitioners Brutally Tortured and Sentenced Without Cause in Mudanjiang City

Mudanjiang City, Heilongjiang Province

Sun Xiuqin: female, 55 years old. On October 26, 2001, Sun was illegally taken away at Sandaoguan by rough police officers from Aimin Police Station in Mudanjiang City. The police officers took turns beating her with wooden clubs. Her buttocks were bleeding and turned into a dark purple color. After that, these thugs took turns slapping her face. When their hands began to hurt, they then slapped her face with books until her face turned dark purplish and became swollen. Sun could not even open her eyes. Despite the injuries, these brutal police officers did not stop. Instead, they became more brutal. The police bent one of her arms towards the back from above the shoulder, the other from under, and tied both her hands with tight ropes. To tighten the rope further, they changed ropes three times, and placing beer bottles behind her back to raise her lower arm. When she still refused to give in, the evil police force-fed her twice with chili and mustard powders. The torture methods immobilized Sun's arms and resulted to several bodily injuries. She also suffered severe mental trauma and she became numb to the outside world. Even so, Sun is still detained in the Second Detention Center of Xinglong in Mudanjiang.

Liu Nan: female, 28 years old. On October 13, 2001, Liu was illegally taken away by rough police officers from Aimin Police Station in Mudanjiang City. Police officers pulled her hair, rammed her head against the wall, and then kicked and beat her until she lost consciousness. The wicked police officers then took advantage of her unconsciousness by insulting her with indecent language and despicable acts.

Hou Lihua: female. Hou was forcibly arrested at her work unit by police from Aimin Police Station in Mudanjiang City. The police brutally tortured her consecutively for 5 days and 5 nights. They tied her up to the "tiger bench," and added the maximum number of bricks possible under her feet to cause severe pain. Police officers also sat on her chest while they poured mustard oil [which causes severe burning and irritation like chili pepper oil] into her mouth. Simultaneously, they inserted two burning cigarettes into her nostrils. They also wrapped her head with the plastic bags used for torturing. Currently, Hou Lihua is in critical condition and is under emergency treatment in Mudanjiang Beifang Hospital. Details are still under investigation.


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