Taxi Driver Refuses Police Order to Drag a Practitioner to His Death

[Sichuan Province]

During the National Day Holiday October 1, 2001, police in a city of Sichuan Province illegally detained a practitioner who is nearly 60 years old. The policemen stopped a taxi and ordered the taxi driver to drag the practitioner behind his car on the ground all the way to a detention centre 20 kilometres away. The taxi driver vehemently refused. He said, "The Falun Gong practitioner would be dragged to death." But the policemen said, "This is not your business. We will give you a lot of money if you do it." This kind-hearted driver firmly answered, "I will never do that, even if you kill me, not to mention give me money."

We appreciate the taxi driver's support for Dafa and protection of the practitioner. Best wishes for his happiness and the future.


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