Northern Europe’s First Minghui [Clearwisdom] School Opens in Gothenburg, Sweden

Northern Europe’s first Minghui School in Gothenburg, Sweden officially opened to public on the 18th October. Children’s classes, targeted at the general public, are conducted on the basis of Falun Gong’s learning courses.

The objective of setting up the Minghui School is to inspire the kind nature and wisdom of our children. Our children hold the future hope of human kind; they are pure and good- natured. We would like to release their hearts and souls from the world overwhelmed with materialism and human desires, and guide them towards a bright future.

Minghui School will teach Chinese and emphasize on the education of morals. Through Chinese traditional moral standards, historical literary reference and traditional culture we shall enable the children to have a correct understanding of the Universe and us humankind.

A Swedish practitioner

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