UN Human Rights Day in Hamburg, Germany - May People of the World be Good People

By Practitioners in Germany

December 10 was UN Human Rights Day. This special day made us think more of the situation of practitioners in China. Now China is ruled under a totalitarian regime that practises state terrorism, where are the human rights of the Chinese people? Together with practitioners all over the world, Hamburg practitioners also took the opportunity of UN Human Rights Day to express their concern towards the human rights violations in China and let more people witness the spirit of Dafa practitioners who are still persevering while experiencing extreme hardship.

Practitioners demonstrate in front of the Chinese Consulate General on the morning of December 10.

In the morning, we gathered in front of the Chinese Consulate General building. Practitioners from Berlin, Bremen and Goettingen joined the activity as well. Mr. Mueller of the International Society for Human Rights also arrived. He was very concerned about the human rights situation in China. The activity was jointly sponsored by the International Society for Human Rights and the Falun Dafa Association. He brought with him a banner China Terrorisiert Falun Gong (which means China applies terrorism on Falun Gong).

Mr. Mueller and a practitioner posted an appeal letter in the drop box of the Chinese Consulate General. Since he appealed to the Chinese government for its human rights violation, Mr. Mueller was barred from entering China. This is the answer the Chinese government gives to a person who is concerned with its human rights situation.

After the activity in front of Chinese Consulate General, we went to deliver information to major news agencies, such as NDR, Der Siegel, Bildzeitung, Hamburger Abendblatt, Die Welt, etc. For the news agencies with good understanding of Dafa, we delivered appreciation letters and updated information. To those agencies with a limited understanding of Dafa, we delivered a letter explaining the true facts of Falun Dafa. Two practitioners who went to appeal in Tiananman Square revealed to them the severity of the persecution in China. The news agencies showed great interest and hoped to get first hand information from us.
During lunchtime we visited universities and major streets to distribute Dafa information.

In the evening we held a candle light vigil in the centre of the city to commemorate those who lost their lives to safeguard Dafa. Many people passing us were deeply moved by the pure and peaceful scene.
May everyone in the world be a good person!

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