Germany: Falun Gong Is Warmly Welcomed at Hamburg Multi-Culture Festival

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After winning awards for two consecutive years in 2003 and 2004, Falun Gong was still the focus of the 2005 Hamburg Multi-Culture Festival held on September 10th. It was a beautiful and bustling day in Hamburg. Led by bands, floats and splendidly dressed dancing groups, more than eighty civil organisations participated in the parade. The float and the Lotus Dance given by Falun Gong practitioners attracted loud applause from the crowds.

Ever since the persecution in China began in 1999, oversea Falun Gong practitioners have not stopped explaining the true situation to the German communities. With the change in their understanding about Falun Gong, German people changed their attitudes from indifferent rejection to providing active support and accepting the truth. Right after the festivity was opened, the organiser made a phone call to the local Falun Gong coordinator to confirm that Falun Gong would participate in the parade.

Falun Gong practitioners also set up an information booth at Hamburg University. On display were photos introducing the widespread propagation of Falun Gong and the awards it received in the world. Photos about the persecution in China were also exhibited. Many people stopped by to watch. A gentleman received a flier from a practitioner when he passed by the booth. He said, “I know what Falun Gong is all about. I have seen you in Berlin. My friend who is standing beside me has no idea what has happened in China. Would you please give him a flier?” Young children who played around the information booth paid great interest in folding the paper Lotus flowers.

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