France: Telling Chinese Tourists the Truth about Falun Gong Outside the Famous Gallery Lafayette in Paris

With the first of the cool autumn breezes many foreign tourists came to visit the famous historic shopping complex Gallery Lafayette in Paris. It is the peak season for visitors. Falun Gong practitioners, with their pure and compassionate hearts also came here to talk with the Chinese tourists.

The sun was setting and there were many tourists. With smiles, practitioners distributed fliers to every Chinese person who walked by.

Many Chinese tourists accepted our fliers and they read them with intense interest. Some asked, “Why did Falun Gong practitioners besiege Zhongnanhai?” and “Why did they set themselves on fire?” After learning that those reports were all lies concocted by the Communist Party to frame and incite hatred towards practitioners for their own ulterior motives, they said, “We understand completely now, it was all mere propaganda.” Some even became interested in learning Falun Gong.

We overheard that one of tourists was going to the Casino afterwards, but another tourist said to him, “You should learn Falun Gong. If you read their newspapers, you wouldn’t be interested in gambling anymore.” This tourist took a lot of newspapers from us before he left and said, “These papers are good for people. I’d like others to read them also.”

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