France: A Brand New Door Opened – Spectacular Comes to a Successful Close in Paris

On the 24th of February 2007, two consecutive performances of the Chinese New Year Spectacular drew to a successful close at the Grand Amphitheatre of the Palais des Congres de Paris. Warm reaction from the audience reflected the show’s powerful impact on Paris, the international capital famous for the arts. The brilliant performance opened a brand new door to different meanings of an ancient culture.

French Member of Parliament and Mayor of Acon city in Normandie M. Joel Hervieu

French Member of Parliament and Mayor of Acon city in Normandie M. Joel Hervieu came to see the show with his wife. Both enjoyed the show very much. The Mayor described each programme as a high quality, beautiful picture with a strong Chinese flavour of expression. In particular, he mentioned the scene in A Dunhuang Dream when the sculpture woke up from his dream as especially expressive. He went on to say that the programme represented peace, serenity and respect for others.

The President and Founder of Tower cast, a European TV broadcast equipment supply company, M. Jacques Roques, said at the end of the performance, “The show I saw today was dazzling. Through songs, dances and colour, the production conveyed a sense of hope, which was so strong that I felt purified afterwards. To me the most touching thing is that this group of persecuted people are full of hope. Meanwhile behind the sense of peace and love, we could feel that the persecution is continuing. But everybody is silent because usually when we mention China we talk about its economy. In my opinion, they brought hope to people through this performance, which was marvellous.”

The Culture and News Attaché of the Norwegian Embassy to France, Mme. Tove Kijewski, stated, “It was different than what I imagined. The programme was rich in variety. The music was also different than what I thought it would be. Dances were more diversified. The colourful costumes and jewellery were exquisite. The technical aspects were perfect too. I was deeply moved. To me it opened a new window with a view, a new door. My favourites were the song Why Refuse, its soprano, and the song Tiananmen Square, Please Tell Me.”

French alto Therese Nedelec commented, “Being an alto, my favourite performances were that of the alto and the Erhu. I was completely immersed in a different mood, which was a great feeling.” She continued to say that while listening to Tiananmen Square, Please Tell Me she felt calm yet was moved to tears. She hoped to translate the song into a dozen languages and sing it in China.

Alto Eva praised, “The gala was a pageantry, which reached a very high artistic level. It seemed like a dream with brilliant colours. The Erhu performance, in particular, deeply touched my heart. I was almost moved to tears.”

Chinese members of the audience from Paris enthused, “Superb! Fantastic! I enjoyed it a great deal, especially the dancing, which brought out the spirit of the ancient Chinese culture. The details about ancient China were wonderful. Hope to be able to see it again in the future.”

A Chinese lady who attended the performance with her French husband and their child said, “The show was extraordinary, very interesting. My favourite was Erhu, which was beautifully delivered and lovely.” She wanted very much for her husband to learn more about Chinese culture. They came to the performance each year. Her husband Thomas, an employee of French Airlines, said, “This is our second time at the performance. I enjoy the colours and the sincerity in the programmes, which is the reason why I love to come.” He said next year he would come again to the show with his wife.

Catherine from Saint Mande in Paris has been studying Chinese for a long time. She said, “I am extremely pleased at being able to make it to the show this year. My friends from another European city invited me. The gala was stunning with an interesting theme. I love the Chinese language and culture.” She said in Chinese, “Happy New Year!”

An overseas Chinese lady who has lived in Paris for thirty-five years commented, “The performance was splendid, very special. To a westerner, the graceful costumes were lavish. The colour combinations were distinctively Chinese in style. The background music was also well-suited. This is Chinese art, which makes me very proud. It is great to see so many stories about the benevolence of Gods and Buddha. I believe foreigners would appreciate but probably do not understand much. This is also a chance for them to learn.”

A businessman from Taiwan, Mr. Zhou, said, “Everyone performed amazingly well in the show, which was steeped in Chinese culture. The setting, the costume, the music, everything was perfect. The style of the costume was from the Tang Dynasty. The music was of an elegant, refined style. Everything including the props was spot on.

“It would be great if New Tang Dynasty TV hosted the New Year Spectacular every year. We have lived overseas for a long time without seeing any culture. The second generation Chinese do not have either Chinese or western culture. I feel it is now high time to carry forward the Chinese culture. The Chinese culture teaches us a lot, such as the way of the monarch and his subjects, of husband and wife, of father and son, of family, of friendship. The Chinese culture is like a cup of tea, its fragrant aroma spills over far and wide.

“In my view, Falun Gong’s “Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance” is the Chinese culture. ’Truthfulness’ is not to deceive. ‘Compassion’ is universal love for all in the world rather than only maintaining one’s own integrity. ‘Forbearance’ is putting up with a temporary situation to fight for generations to come. Today’s performance was fabulous. Falun Gong is a galaxy of talent. Thank you for depicting truthfulness, compassion and forbearance.”

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