Covert "Rules and Regulations" Reveal Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Crimes

Recently a document marked "secret" was leaked from the Ziyang City Brainwashing Centre in Sichuan Province. The document, "Rules and Regulations by the Ziyang City Authorities for Reform1 Through Education," is a collection of rules arranged in 13 sections. They include "Work Responsibilities of the Education and Research Team" at the brainwashing centre, "Work Responsibilities of the Security Team," "Work Responsibilities of the Medical Team," "Work Responsibilities of the Aides and Companion Aides," "Security System," and "Standards of Reform through Education." This is significant written evidence of the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in brainwashing centres.

So-called "reform through education centres" are actually brainwashing centres. They operate outside of the Chinese judicial system. The centres were specifically established to brainwash Falun Gong practitioners. These brainwashing centres, which are controlled by local "610 Offices2," have been established throughout China. In almost every city, the CCP established brainwashing centres with names like "Holiday Villa" or "Legal Education Centre" or "Legal Education School." Real life examples of Orwellian doublespeak, these names are carefully crafted to cover up the real purpose of the centres. The staff at the brainwashing centres deprive practitioners of their freedom and torture them physically and mentally. The Ziyang City Brainwashing Centre is located on the shore of Er'e Lake between Ziyang City and Yingjie Township, in Yanjiang District, and was named "Er'e Lake Old People's Holiday Villa."

Since the brainwashing centre is independent of the judicial system, its arbitrary rulings, covert operations and cruelty are rarely learned of beyond their walls. The secret document was leaked by a good-hearted person, and provides proof that within the centres there are different teams assigned to the persecution of practitioners, including the "Education and Research Team," "Security Team," "Medical Team," and so on. They have a clear division of labour and run a tight ship.

Please find below some of the sections the document contains.

1. To perform well and ensure the security as well as the monitoring of practitioners in accordance with the administrative requirements of the "standardization, para-militarization and science orientation." (Article 1 of the "Work Responsibilities of the Security Team")

2. To step up political and theoretical study to strengthen the confidence in the intensive assault -- plunge yourself into the education and reform work to fulfil the task of reform through education. (Article 2 of the "Work Responsibilities of the Aides and Companion Aides")

3. To persist in education by taking measures suited to each individual, based on the principle of one method for one individual in reforming the students. To draft a plan for assistance and education to assure the feasibility and practicality of the reform through education. (Article 6 of the "Work Responsibilities of Aides and Companion Aides")

4. To comply with security regulations, the aides and companion aides must not bring any educational materials into the students' cell, must not place any secret documents on the table, must not discuss in the students' room any issues related to the work at the reform through education centre, must not receive or make phone calls in the students' cell, must not disclose any information of this directive to the outside world, must not provide any means of communication or transportation to the students, must not photo-copy or furnish any documents or materials on assistance and education work without permission. (Article 2 of the "Work Discipline of the Aides and Companion Aides")

5. Strict control measures. The aides and companion aides must design a reasonable on-duty plan that includes monitoring the students around the clock. All students must be within view or control at all times. Everyone must stop the students from doing exercises or making noises in their rooms. The aides and companion aides must do a good job during shift transfers. There must be at least one aide in the office at all times. There cannot be any discontinuance of the surveillance. (Article 4 of the "Work Discipline of the Aides and Companion Aides")

6. No one may reveal this directive to the public. No one may disclose the working methods and policies, addresses or contact information to unauthorized people, or speak of the organization and administration or the education and daily life of the students. (Article 4 of the "Security Regulations")

The document states that the "Standards of Reform through Education" are based on the standards in reforming Falun Gong practitioners developed by 610 Office staff from the central government. The main purpose is forcing the practitioners to give up their beliefs. Below are some of the directives:

1. The practitioners must write and hand in what they have gained from studying the Falun Gong principles regularly and give true accounts of one's personal cultivation, as well as how he/she participated in the Falun Gong activities. (Article 1 of the "Standards of Reform Through Education")

2. Practitioners must pledge in writing to publicly make a clean break from Falun Gong. (Article 2 of the "Standards of Reform Through Education")

3. Practitioners must guarantee not to practise the exercises, not to do the sitting meditation and not to recite Falun Gong scriptures. (Article 3 of the "Standards of Reform Through Education)

4. Practitioners must hand in all Falun Gong materials and share what they know about the Falun Gong activities. (Article 4 of the "Standards of Reform through Education)

5. Practitioners must persuade staff of the student's true intent by citing one's experience in reforming other Falun Going practitioners. (Article 5 of the Standards of Reform Through Education")

6. Practitioners must criticize Falun Gong in public... (Article 6 of the "Standards of Reform Through Education")

We note that the evildoers want the students to"make a clean break" and "confess without being prompted," betray their friends, and also "persuade other practitioners to give up Falun Gong" by citing ones so-called experience. This is to help the evildoers commit crimes. The activities to "reform" practitioners are relentless and don't stop until they have "reformed" good people into bad people.

7. Practitioners must respect the hard work of the aides and companion aides, no one may have a conflict or argue with or take drastic actions against them. (Article 2 of the "Students Rules and Regulations")

According to the Minghui/Clearwisdom web site, dozens of practitioners were detained at this so-called "Old People's Holiday Villa" since June 2006, the date when this centre was established. Practitioners tortured there include:

Ms. Wang Hongixa from the Anyang Teacher Vocational School
Chen Yourong, a retired teacher of the School for the Children of the Employees of Ziyang Locomotive Works
Mr. Yi Xiangang, an employee of the Ziyang Locomotive Works
Mr. Tang Chaobing from Gaosheng Township, Anyue County
Ms. Jiang Hongzhen from Hefeng Township, Jianyang City
Zhao Defang from Shinian Village, Shiqiao Township, Jianyang City
Xiao Huiqing, a teacher from Jiajia Township, Jianyang City
Yan Zhenxiang, a teacher from Wumiao Township
Mr. Zeng Guangming from Jiajia Township
Ms. Hu Lingying from Jianchen Township
Ms. Tao Suqing
Ms. Su Mei from Yucheng Township, Jiancheng City
Hu Xuehui, a retired teacher from Yunlong Primary School

Recently, Ziyang City authorities blacklisted many practitioner in the name of ensuring the stability of the Beijing Olympics. The practitioners were arrested and taken to the brainwashing centres. On June 23rd and 24th alone:

Ms. Jiang Zhirong
Ms. Peng Xiuqiong
Ms. Xie Siqiong
Ms. Xie Dongyun and several others were arrested and taken to Er'e Lake Old People's Holiday Villa, Yingjie Township, Ziyang City for further persecution.

Names of those involved in the persecution of practitioners and telephone numbers:

Tang Yongliang, party secretary of the Ziyang City Political and Judiciary Committee
Chen Xiaocong, head of the Ziyang City National Security Detachment
Li Weiguo, head of the Ziyang City National Security Division
Ma Guozheng, party secretary of the Yangjiang District Political and Judiciary Committee, Ziyang City
Wu Xiuquan, head of the 610 Office of the Yangjiang District, Ziyang City
Lan Bolin, head of the Yanjiang District National Security Division, Ziyang City
Luo Kaiquan, political commissar of the Yanjiang District National Security Division, Ziyang City: 86-131-58781666 (Mobile)
Commissar Yao of the Ziyang City National Security Detachment, Ziyang Police Department: 86-13708261199 (Mobile), 86-832-6559530 (Office)
Li Sheng from the Ziyang City Government: 86-13330680860 (Mobile)
Director Ran of the Police Sub-department of Ziyang Locomotive Works: 86-13982986111(Mobile)
Li Qichang of the police sub-department of Ziyang Locomotive Works: 86-13194795834 (Mobile)
Wang Anpeng, director of the Ziyang City 610 Office: 86-832-6999199, 86-832-6110123 (Office)
Song Jinhua, head of the Ziyang Detention Center: 86-13700945339(Mobile)
Ziyang Er'e Lake Brainwashing Center: 86-13547291868(Mobile)
Song Li, head of the Ziayng Er'e Lake Brainwashing Centre: 86-13982979972 (Mobile)
Jiang Congde, party secretary of the Yanjiang District Political and Judiciary Committee, Ziyang City: 86-832-6222598
Ziyang City 610 Office: 86-832-6110123

Police officers from Yanjiang District Police Sub-department, Ziyang City: Lan Jianzhong, Zhu Xiaoyong, Xie Deyong and Zhang Xiang (head of the Yanjiang District 610 Office) and Duan Chengwu and Xiao Zongyuan, (deputy head of the 431 Police Sub-department)


1. "Reform or Transform" Implementation of brainwashing and torture in order to force a practitioner to renounce Falun Gong. (Variations: "reform", "transform", "reformed", "reforming", "transformed", "transforming", and "transformation")

2. "The 610 office" is an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems.

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