Swedish Media Covers Candlelight Vigil Commemorating Persecuted Falun Gong Practitioners

On July 21st, 2009, Swedish Daily, the third largest newspaper in Sweden, carried an article entitled “The Meditation Against Suppression” to cover the candlelight vigil at the Chinese Embassy organised by Swedish Falun Gong practitioners to commemorate the thousands of Falun Gong practitioners killed by the communist regime in China.

According to the article, over 40 Swedish Falun Gong practitioners gathered at the Chinese Embassy in Stockholm on July 20th to hold a candlelight vigil there. A similar activity was also held in various countries around the world to raise awareness of the Chinese Communist regime’s 10-year-long persecution of Falun Gong.

The article quoted Jens, a practitioner who participated in the activity, as saying that after so many years, the situation has not improved; what’s even worse was that organs of some incarcerated Falun Gong practitioners were harvested because they are believed to be healthier than the average person.

The article said that Falun Gong practitioners who had personally experienced the persecution in China were among those who participated in the candlelight vigil. Though the situation is still very difficult at present, Jens expressed his optimistic hopes for the future. He said that more and more people have come to understand the facts about the persecution. He added that despite interference from the Chinese cyber police, the Internet has played an important role in this regard.

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