Liang Shaolin Taken to Brainwashing Centre After Five-Year Detention

Name: Liang Shaolin
Gender: Female
Age: 58
Address: Unknown
Occupation: Engineer

Date of Most Recent Arrest: September 24th, 2009
Most recent place of detention: Maoming City Brainwashing Centre
City: Maoming City
Province: Guangdong Province
Persecution Suffered: Imprisonment, Fired from Workplace, Extortion, Solitary Confinement, Torture, Beatings, Brainwashing

Ms. Liang Shaolin was a senior engineer at the Maoming Petrochemical Corporation in Guangdong Province. She has suffered repeated persecution because she practises Falun Gong. On September 24th, 2009, 17 policemen from the Maoxi Police Department broke into her house by breaking down her double doors with an electric saw. She was then taken to the Maoming City Brainwashing Centre.

Prior to this event, Liang Shaolin was severely tortured in the Shanshui Forced Labour Camp in Guangdong Province. In 1999, she was sentenced to a forced labour camp for two years because she went to appeal for justice for Falun Gong in Beijing. Because Ms. Liang refused to give up her practice of Falun Gong, she was not released until March 2005. Under tremendous pressure, her husband divorced her and Ms. Liang was expelled from her work unit.

On this occasion, policemen confiscated her personal belongings, including cash, a computer, printer, a mobile phone (which her sister had given to their mother), and a bank deposit book that belonged to her sister. The violent actions frightened her parents, who were in their eighties. The neighbours were also terrified.

Currently, Ms. Liang's parents and sister, who hurried back from another city, are not allowed to see Liang Shaolin.

We call on people from all over the world to pay close attention to Liang Shaolin's situation, and ask for help in securing justice for Ms. Liang.

Ms. Liang Shaolin is fifty-eight years old. Her sister Liang Yufeng, also a Falun Gong practitioner, lives in Boston. After she started practising Falun Gong, Liang Shaolin benefited both physically and spiritually. She received the Excellent Worker Award, and was praised in every work unit she participated in. However, after the persecution began, in September 1999 she was detained by her work unit because of her belief.

In October 1999, Liang Shaolin went to appeal in Beijing, to let the government know the facts about Falun Gong. On her way to Beijing, she was detained by policemen and released only after she went on
a hunger strike for seven days. Soon after, Ms. Liang was detained again. Without any legal procedures, she was sentenced to two years in a forced labour camp and taken to the Shanshui Labour Camp in Guangdong Province.

In the Shanshui Labour Camp, Liang Shaolin was once kept alone in a dark room full of mosquitoes and insects for fifteen days. She still refused to give up her practice, and firmly stated her belief that it is not wrong to follow the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. In retaliation, the guards forced her to squat over ten hours a day over a long period of time. They attempted to brainwash her by showing fabricated videos that attacked Falun Gong. Ms. Liang protested by going on a hunger strike. Finally the officials gave up trying to brainwash her. In March of 2002, while she was performing the exercises, she was beaten by inmates under the order of Gao, director of the Third Division, and director Wu.

Following torture sessions that were conducted beyond the original term sentence in Shanshui Labour Camp, Ms. Liang was taken back to the Maoming Brainwashing Centre. She was brutally tortured by Zhang Chongyun, Shen Didi, Wu Wenqiong and others. She was often handcuffed to a window and locked inside a dark room with closed windows on hot summer days.

However, Liang Shaolin never gave up her belief. As a result, she was once again taken to the provincial brainwashing centre in Shanshui. Later, she was taken back to the Maoming Brainwashing Centre.

During the six years of terror under the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), Liang Shaolin has been persecuted in both Maoming and Shanshui. Due to her consistent and strong belief in Falun Gong, she was released on March 31st, 2005 after her family and other organisations' repeated requests.

As a Chinese citizen, Liang Shaolin has the lawful right to appeal against injustices. However, she was sentenced to forced labour for two years, and her term was extended for over five years with no reasons provided. Once again, she was taken from her home, while CCP members confiscated her personal property. This property might be utilised to fabricate evidence to support further persecution of Ms. Liang.

Partial list of people who have been involved in persecuting Falun Gong practitioners:

Ke Yaxiong: director of the brainwashing centre: 86-668-2292905
Yan Qingmin (it is said that he was originally a teacher at the Dianbai Shuidong middle school) and his wife Li Xiaoyan, who often work in the brainwashing centre
Maoming 610 office: 86-668-2910610 610
Yang Hui, from Dianbai City
Xue Weihua from Zhensheng area of Maonan City
Wu Zongyu from Xinyi
Lin Ling and Huang Bo

These people take turns working in the brainwashing centre and 610 Office.

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