Practitioners Tortured at Yushu City Brainwashing Centre in Jilin Province

The "Legal Education and Training Centre," a brainwashing centre in Yushu City, Jilin Province, is a prison where the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) tortures and brainwashes Falun Gong practitioners until they renounce their belief in Falun Gong. CCP officials block access to any information about the Yushu City Brainwashing Centre. It is controlled by the Jilin provincial government and the Yushu 610 Office (an organisation of special agents just for persecuting Falun Gong), and serves only to persecute Falun Gong practitioners.

The centre is located on the south bank of the Lalin River in the Huaijiaxiang region, in the western yard of the Huaijuixiang Senior Centre. There are offices, cafeterias, bedrooms, pavilions, a Mahjong table in one pavilion, and a chicken farm. In the background one can see forests, mountains, and the Lalin River. Less than 330 feet to the west of the river is Leipi Mountain, a landmark and tourist spot in Yumin Town.

This brainwashing centre is located in Xiuse Village, a luxurious recreational area with beautiful scenery that the 610 Office rents from the owner. Rich people and officials often visit the village for entertainment, dining, gambling, and soliciting prostitutes. The village gate displays a sign, "Office of the Huaijia Police Station." When the brainwashing centre is active, an additional sign, "Legal Education and Training Centre," is displayed.

Since early May, the 610 Office has held two brainwashing sessions, one on May 24th-30th, and the other on June 6th-14th. Over ten practitioners were arrested and taken to the sessions, and more than ten "trainers" and four people who had renounced Falun Gong and now joined the persecutors, were involved in the mental and physical torture of practitioners.

Soft and harsh methods were used in efforts to break the will of the practitioners. First, people from the community and local police station were asked to talk to the practitioners, trying to change their minds in a polite manner, and practitioners were told to follow their suggestions. They would say to the practitioner, "You will be paid 100 yuan1 each day if you join the class. You can even bring your family. It takes only a few days. You don't even need to pay for food and lodging. It's such a good deal!" When the practitioners refuse the offer, they are arrested. If practitioners continue to resist, they are threatened and beaten.

Ms. Li Yanhui was one of the practitioners who refused the offer. Li Wei, a police officer from the No. 8 local police station, subsequently beat Li Yanhui in a police car. He slapped her five or six times and used filthy language to coerce her into taking the offer. When Ms. Li explained the facts about Falun Gong, the driver said, "Those Falun Gong practitioners should all be raped."

Li Fenglin, head of the local 610 Office, said to her, "Believe it or not, it takes me only one sentence to send you to a labour camp." Practitioners Chen Xiaohui and Zhao Shuxian from Xiangyang Township refused to renounce Falun Gong after six days at the Yushu Brainwashing Centre. They were transferred to the Xinglongshan Brainwashing Centre in Changchun City on June 14th, and have not yet been released.

During the first and second brainwashing sessions, the 610 Office brought in a few people who had renounced Falun Gong, including Wang Xuepin, Xie Qinglin, and Li Yanbo. They were very active in the brainwashing of practitioners. They recorded and played videotapes of their speeches, which slandered Falun Gong and its founder.

During the second session, Jiang Yuhua, who renounced Falun Gong when imprisoned at the Xiabaotun Forced Labour Camp in Fu'an Township, joined the others in actively trying to brainwash practitioners. The 610 Office ordered the organisations in the surrounding villages and townships to assign a "trainer" to each practitioner. Some of these trainers were family members of the practitioners, others were deputy public security officers, directors at the Women's Federation, and Communist Party cadres.

During the sessions, the "trainers" monitored practitioners closely. If the practitioners refused to give up their belief, their freedom was limited by the 610 Office staff and the National Security Team.

People involved in the persecution:

Zhao Guojun, secretary for politics and litigation: 86-431-83800001 (office), 86-431-83613979 (home)
Li Fenglin, chief at the 610 Office: 86-431-83630197 (home), 13756570561 (mobile)
Li Wei, police officer: 135-96454466 (mobile) , 86-431-83744110 (office)
Zhao Qingyou, police officer: 159-04409528 (mobile) 86-431-83744110 (office)
Owner of Xiuse Village: 159-47828881


1. "Yuan" is the Chinese currency; 500 yuan is equal to the average monthly income of an urban worker in China.

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