Seven Falun Gong Practitioners Brutally Tortured in Brainwashing Centre at Zhaoyuan City, Shandong Province

Mr. Kao Fuquan, Ms. Song Guihua, Ms. Yang Lanxiang, Ms. Diao Yunying, Ms. Fang Cuirong, Ms. Yang Wenjie, and Ms. Teng Yingfen, all Falun Gong practitioners from Zhaoyuan City, were arrested by the 610 Office (an organisation of special agents just for persecuting Falun Gong). They were held in the Lingnan Gold Mine Brainwashing Centre in Linglong Town, Shandong Province. The brutal tortures inflicted on them included abuse, beatings, and forced confessions using physical and mental torture.

These seven practitioners were once transferred to the Zhaoyuan Detention Centre and detained there for a short period of time. They were then sent back to the Lingnan Brainwashing Centre, probably because their families hired lawyers and the Zhaoyuan City public security, Procuratorate, and court officials were afraid that their ugly crimes would be exposed, and they therefore transferred the practitioners back to the brainwashing centre.

Mr. Kao from Kaojia Village was arrested on May 8th. Ms. Yang Wenjie from Guzhai Village, Jinling Town was arrested on July 25th. Mr. Kao's wife, Ms. Song, was arrested on August 6th. Ms. Yang Lanxiang and Ms. Diao, from Yujia Village and Kaojia Village, both from the Shiduitou, were arrested on August 19th. Ms. Fang from Wenjia Village, Linglong Town, was arrested on August 24th. Ms. Teng from Zhaoyuan City was arrested on August 31st by the 610 Office. Her home was ransacked, and many valuables were taken away.

Each of these seven practitioners had been locked in a single cell for long periods of time. They each suffered varying-degrees of abuse, beatings, forced confessions, and mental torture. Their families are not allowed to visit them.

Mr. Kao was once tortured to force a "confession" for five days and nights by the brainwashing centre team leader Ji Xiaodong, officials from the 610 Office Li Jianguang and Song Shaochang, as well as some full-time hatchet men of the brainwashing centre. His frequent screams were heartbreaking. Due to the brutal torture, he has developed hypertension and neurological abnormalities, and he can no longer move about freely.

Ms. Yang Wenjie has been arrested many times. One time she went on a 24-day hunger strike to resist the persecution. During this period, Song Shaochang and others brutally force fed her many times. Every time this happened, Ms. Yang's agonising screams echoed throughout the facility. Since Ms. Yang would not give up her belief in Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, they handcuffed her and hung her up in the air for long periods of time. They also would not let her sleep. Instead, they took everything off her bed, handcuffed her in front of her chest, and tied her to the bed. They frequently tortured her in different ways. As a result of this non-stop brutal torture, it is difficult for people to recognise her anymore and she is extremely bony.

Soon after Ms. Yang Lanxiang was put into the brainwashing centre, she became extremely weak due to the torture. Her artificial limb on her left arm was broken in half.

While beating the practitioners, the CCP officials would hit them all over. As a result of this severe beating, Ms. Song's entire body was purple and swollen. Ms. Fang lost five teeth during these beatings and now she has trouble eating. For several months she could only eat liquid food.

Ms. Diao and Ms. Teng have also been tortured physically and mentally to varying degrees.

After the families received the arrest notifications from Zhaoyuan's Procuratorate, they hired several lawyers from Beijing to defend the practitioners. However, 610 Office and Zhaoyuan City public security officials have colluded to do everything possible to prevent the lawyers from defending their clients. They are publicly violating the laws by not allowing the lawyers to do their job.

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