Song Sisters Fengjiao and Caijiao from Tianmen City, Hubei Province Arrested

Sisters Ms. Song Fengjiao and Ms. Song Cuijiao from Hushi Town, Tianmen City, Hubei Province were recently arrested by the police because they practise Falun Gong.

The sisters previously suffered many illnesses and had no money for treatment. After learning about Falun Gong, they sincerely believed in Falun Gong, and all of their illnesses subsequently disappeared. In order to share the wonder of Falun Gong with others, they distributed Falun Gong informational materials to other villagers in their hometown when they visited their parents.

The Song sisters gave Falun Gong materials to a household in Xiongjiadawan, Songda Village, Hushi Town at 2:00 p.m. on March 23rd, 2011. The owner of the home was a village official. He had been out drinking. When he returned home, he saw a Falun Gong brochure and called the police. Zhang Junkai and Su Dean from the police station drove to Xiongjiadawan and arrested the sisters.

The police detained Ms. Song Fengjiao and Ms. Song Cuijiao at Hushi Police Station. When they learned that the sisters lived in Zhaoshi Town, the police informed the Zhaoshi Police Station and the Tianmen Domestic Security Team. That night the sisters were sent to the Tianmen Second Detention Centre where they are still detained.

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