Inside Story of the Nanchong City Brainwashing Centre of Sichuan Province

The “Nanchong Law Education Centre” is a secret brainwashing facility that targets Falun Gong practitioners. It is located in the Yangrenwan, Xishan Scenic Area of Nanchong City, Sichuan Province. The Nanchong brainwashing centre was opened in 2003 with large funding. Fu Shaolin, who is retired from the Nanchong City Political Consultative Committee, is the "headmaster." Jiang Pengdong, the former Party head of the Cansi Company, is in charge of organising brainwashing tactics.

The Sichuan Province Brainwashing Centre regularly holds brainwashing sessions. Every city and county has a quota assigned to it by the Sichuan Province 610 Office (an organisation of special agents just for persecuting Falun Gong) and each session has to meet this quota. Police from the domestic security divisions abduct and send Falun Gong practitioners to the brainwashing centre to satisfy the quota. The regime has allocated 40,000 yuan1 per person in funding to detain and brainwash each practitioner. The Nanchong City government is given 38,000 yuan of this to pay the living cost of the brainwashing centre staff. Every practitioner is assigned a so-called "assistant" (personal monitor), who follows the practitioner everywhere. Their monthly salary is about 1,000 yuan. They are also paid 50-100 yuan each day. If they are able to make the practitioners give up their belief, they may also get an additional bonus. Fu Shaolin is the one who asks his superiors for more bonus money.

There are several tactics that the staff use to brainwash Falun Gong practitioners in this facility, such as having people come from different 610 Offices to work there using false IDs; "assistants" writing appreciation letters or making appreciation silk banners in the name of the practitioners to deceive practitioners during brainwashing sessions.

The "assistants" have the following tasks:

(1) Supervise the practitioners 24 hours a day. They have the authority to restrict practitioners and deprive them of their freedom;
(2) Brainwash and deceive practitioners into giving up their belief;
(3) Force practitioners to write so-called guarantee statements to give up the practice;
(4) Force practitioners to hand copy articles and books that slander Falun Gong, and to watch slanderous video programmes;
(5) Punish practitioners if they refuse to be "transformed" [forcibly renounce Falun Gong] by depriving them of sleep, forcing them to sit on the floor without moving, torture and weakening the practitioners' will, or threatening them with forced labour.

Using Liangzhong City as an example, 12 practitioners from the city were sent to Nanshong Brainwashing Centre, including Yang Sunben, Feng Ping, Ren Yuqing, Zhang Qin, Ran Yunde, Hu Wenqiong, Lu Zhi, Liu Xingru, Pan Yuezhen, Zhuan Huiqun, Wu Dongsu and Li Hongying. Among them, Pan Yuezhen had two severe heart attacks in the brainwashing centre and had to be sent to the hospital for emergency treatment. Hu Wenqiong was almost blind due to the mistreatment suffered in the centre. She was later subjected to one year of forced labour because she refused to give up her belief. These practitioners continued to be subjected to harassment after they were released. Local police and people from their residential committees keep harassing and monitoring them.

"Assistants" make appreciation banners using practitioners' names to deceive people

Retired teacher Ms. Luo Zhi from Langzhong City was taken to the brainwashing centre on April 5th, 2004. The 610 Office required the school she worked for to send an "assistant." During the three months that Luo Zhi was held in the brainwashing centre, a person surnamed Du and Zhu Qinglian (both retired teachers) were successively assigned to come to the centre as "assistants."

Luo Zhi's husband, over 70 years old, had late term brain atrophy, and required her constant care. Only after her husband and daughter kept requesting her release and her daughter had 5,000 yuan extorted from her, was Luo Zhi allowed to go home on July 20th. At that time, so-called "assistant" Zhu Qinglian spent her own money to make an appreciation silk banner using Ms. Luo Zhi's name to make it look like the practitioner had praised the brainwashing centre. The banner is still hanging in the brainwashing centre office, and it has become a huge mental burden to Luo Zhi. Even though she did not write the banner or give her permission to have her name used, the feelings of guilt damaged her health. She had to be hospitalised for a long time. Now her life is in danger.

Giving false IDs to Liu Qingzhen and Liu Sunhua, who came from the residential committee to participate in the persecution

(1) Liu Qingzhen, unemployed, lives at No.5 Hengjie, Kulianci of Langzhong City. She was hired by the local the residential committee in April 2007 and given a monthly salary of 600 yuan to work at the brainwashing centre as an "assistant" to monitor practitioner Pan Yuezhen.

Her ability to persecute practitioners was highly appreciated by brainwashing centre authorities and she was kept to continue working in the centre. She was "re-packaged" with a new identification as a retired cadre from Yilong County.

(2) Liu Sunhua lives at No.46 Xiaxinjie, Langzhong City. She rented a space from the local residential committee to run a mahjong entertainment centre.

She was an assistant in the brainwashing centre. Her falsified identification in the brainwashing centre said she was the director of the general administration office in Yilong County.

Breaking the law by breaking into residents' homes to abduct law-abiding people

In April this year, the brainwashing centre started another session and three positions were assigned to Langzhong City, which were then allocated to three residential communities.

On the morning of May 26th, 2011, Que Yongmo from the 610 Office and another officer came to harass three practitioners: Zhuang Huiqun from the Tianmazhi Residential Community, Wu Dongshu from the Fenghuanglou Residential Community and Li Hongying from the Yusiyuan Residential Community.

On the morning of May 30th, led by Que Yongmo, residential community committee staff and police were divided into three groups, each with more than 10 people. They went to the three practitioners' homes. They pretended to check water pipes, verify low income insurance or to be from the local residents committee staff, asking questions. When practitioners' family members opened the door, they rushed in and abducted the three practitioners who were each preparing lunch. During the process, they damaged two doors in Wu Dongsu's home. Wu Dongsu was handcuffed, carried and dragged to the police car. Three practitioners were sent to the brainwashing centre.


1. "Yuan" is the Chinese currency; 500 yuan is equal to the average monthly income of an urban worker in China.

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