Persecuted by Wumaping Prison of Leshan City, Mr. Deng Jiangang Is at Death's Door

Mr. Deng Jiangang, a Falun Gong practitioner from Pengshan County, Sichuan Province, has been persecuted for four years in the Wumaping Prison of Leshan City. Mr. Deng is now extremely weak, and he has severe hematemesis (vomiting blood). On May 4th, he was sent to the Qianwei Hospital of Leshan City, but they were unable to treat him because his symptoms were too severe. At 5 p.m., he was transferred to the Central Hospital for Correctional Police of Sichuan Province. Mr. Deng is now at death's door.

Mr. Deng was in better condition in late March, when he was totally conscious and able to communicate with others. However, on April 13th, Mr. Deng began vomiting blood and became unable to eat anything. Now, Mr. Deng has lost consciousness and his ability to speak. Despite his poor condition, he is still tied to a bed in the hospital and is not allowed to move. In fact, Mr. Deng was conscious when he was sent to the hospital, but he lost consciousness in less than a week.

In terms of Mr. Deng's serious situation, the Central Hospital for Correctional Police of Sichuan Province claims that it has already reported Mr. Deng's status to the Wumaping Prison. On the other hand, some guards from the hospital have claimed that Mr. Deng has been diagnosed with tuberculosis, but Mr. Deng has still not been granted release on parole for medical treatment because he refuses to give up his belief. Moreover, every time the Wumaping Prison receives a request to release Mr. Deng, it claims that its procedure for release is very complicated.

Parties involved in persecuting Mr. Deng:
The Central Hospital for Correctional Police of Sichuan Province: +86-28-85964667
The Wumaping Prison of Leshan City: +86-833-2391201

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