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  • Further Evidence to Incriminate Jinzhou Forced Labour Camp for Death of Practitioner Shi Zhongyan

    Around April 23, as a result of relentless persecution, Mr. Shi's life was in danger, and he was sent to the emergency room of the 205 Hospital (Military Hospital in Jinzhou City). On the morning of April 25, some time past 6:00 am, labour camp policeman Zhang Jiabin called the Shi family. He claimed that Shi Zhongyan suddenly fell ill; he was in a coma and had difficulty in breathing, so he was sent to the Hospital. An eyewitness said that Mr. Shi was extremely thin, his toes were dark purple with one of them covered with dried blood, and he was in a deep coma.
  • Fuyu Forced Labour Camp of Hangs Up Dafa Practitioners For Several Months, Torturing One to Death

    They handcuffed Dafa practitioners to the frame of bunk beds and heating radiators, and hung them up. Eleven practitioners experienced such torture. Practitioner Zhou Shuyou was once hung up from 1:00 am to midnight. Under the torture of ruthless prison guards, Fu Zhiyu passed away on February 1 from a cerebral haemorrhage. Lu Yongjin and two other practitioners were unbelievably hung up non-stop for three months. Zhang Huabin and others were hung up there for over two months.
  • Shijiazhuang City Dafa Practitioner Disabled by Torture at the Hands of "610 Office" Personnel

    According to inside information, for nearly two years Li Huixin had become destitute and homeless in order to avoid being illegally arrested for her belief in Dafa. After she was captured, the police tortured her in order to extort a confession and hung her up by her handcuffs for 24 hours. This caused serious injuries to her hands and wrists, and she had many bruises all over her body.
  • Falun Dafa Cured My Illnesses, but the Jiang Regime Has Relentlessly Persecuted Me for My Firm Belief

    On the day of a farmer's market, the police legal assistant and the tractor station director took me to the police station and cuffed me to the front door of the station. Then, he viciously told me that I would serve as a warning to the market attendees: those who would go to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong would know what to expect. They forced me to wear a big display board (slandering Falun Gong) in front of my chest. Thus, I was humiliated until they took me back to the farm, which was after 5.pm.
  • China: Kind Acts Prompt People to Learn the Facts

    The train stopped at a station and a sixty-some year-old lady walked in. I quickly gave her my seat. She was touched by my action and so I took the chance to tell her that I am a Falun Gong practitioner. On hearing this, two ladies sitting close by showed interest and quickly asked me to sit next to them. They asked me questions about the things shown on TV, and I answered them one by one. After listening to what I had to say, they concluded that the Chinese media nowadays simply tell lies to deceive people and that they would not be so easily fooled next time.
  • Jiang's Genocide Continues Unabated-Over Seventy Practitioners From Heilongjiang Province Who Provided Information to Support the Lawsuit Against Jiang Are Illegally Arrested

    According to reports, after Jiang was sued abroad, he secretly organised a series of systematic mass persecution in China while at the same time "working on" the United States through diplomatic means. He ordered China's National Security Department to set up a special task force to deal with the lawsuit.
  • Another Female Dafa Practitioner Tortured to Death by the Mishan City First Detention Centre

    In March the police arrested dozens of Dafa practitioners and put them into the detention centre. They brutally beat and force-fed the practitioners. Moreover, they shackled practitioners' hands and feet together, sometimes for over 20 days. Under the constraint of the heavy shackles, practitioners could not squat down, nor could they sit up straight, causing immense pain. They couldn't go to the toilet, either. Kicking and beating by the guards were commonplace here.
  • Relentless Torture in Mengzhou City Detention Centre Results in Death of Lady Practitioner

    Although this lady practitioner suffered all kinds of inhuman torture, she remained firm in her conviction of the righteousness of Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance. No amount of bullying or torture could make her renounce her belief.
  • More Details about the Unjust Death of Mr. Shi Zhongyan at the Jinzhou City Forced Labour Camp

    They beat him so severely that they broke his eardrum, almost causing permanent hearing loss; they broke his teeth; and the criminal prisoners rode on top of his back to humiliate him. He went on hunger strike to protest. The Director of the labour camp told his family that he was not aware of any beatings, and promised his family that they would not hurt him. However, after making this promise, the persecution became even more vicious. On October 2, 2000, in order to resist the persecution, Mr. Shi refused to do any labour. The labour camp, as a form of punishment, forced him to sit on a bench in a fixed position from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. every day.
  • Huludao City Business Owner Tortured to Disfigurement

    The police removed his pants and shocked his genitals using the electric batons. Then they forced the electric baton into his rectum. He was tortured to the point of hovering between life and death. The police poured water on him and continued to shock him. He felt as if his head was going to explode. Bruises were all over his head; his eye sockets swelled up to the point that not even a thin slit could be seen. He was horribly disfigured.
  • A Government Official in China Shows Support for Falun Gong

    A government official whose job is to "educate" practitioners (meaning to use any means necessary to make practitioners give up their belief in Dafa) came to talk to me. We went to a place to have a chat and he said, "I know a little about your practise. I have never tried to force you to stop practising Falun Gong. You wouldn't encounter any interference if you were outside of China." When we said goodbye to each other, he said, "I have been doing this job for several years, and I have never met a single Dafa practitioner who is a bad person. They are all good people."
  • An Overseas Practitioner's Mother Begins Practising Falun Dafa While Visiting from China

    She came from China in order to visit me and had originally planned to convince me to stop practising Falun Gong during her visit. After she arrived, she learnt the truth about Falun Dafa, and soon discovered that all the Dafa practitioners she met are kind people. As a result, she decided to find out what the Falun Dafa books really contain.
  • The Persecution Ms. Huang Lisha Endured Before She Was Tortured to Death (Photo)

    At a work meeting held on July 9, 2002, they announced that she "can't say Dafa is good, can't get in touch with others, can't clarify the truth, and can't visit her neighbours." On the same night, she left her work unit and her whereabouts were not known. Her work unit stopped looking for her in early November and later told people that Lisha had died in Chengdu City, Sichuan Province.
  • Liuan City: Police Collaborate with Thugs to Commit Various Atrocities Against Dafa Practitioners

    Liuan City police have employed a large number of thugs and hooligans to follow and monitor practitioners. Some of them broke into their houses to search for Dafa truth clarification materials. Practitioner Shao Bixia was arrested and mercilessly tortured after they broke into her house and found Dafa materials. The police used all means in trying to find the sources of the materials. Shao Bixia now is in a very dangerous situation.
  • Masanjia Forced Labour Camp Initiates Terrifying Five-Stage Torture Programme for Steadfast Dafa Practitioners

    To deceive international human rights and other organisations, the authorities have renamed the Masanjia Labour Camp the "Ideology Training School of Liaoning Province." In the so-called school, more than 40 small cells are used for torture. Every small cell on the third floor is equipped with specially cast iron moulds, which are used to restrain the victim's body and limbs during torture.